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F I R S T     P E R S O N
[dinner time]

Can't chat now this blizzard is perfect for endurance training. I'll be flying laps. Team Kveld, who's coming out to dance? Also, I won't dump my soggy robes on the bed of the person who saves me some lefse, xx.


T H I R D     P E R S O N
Helmi batted snow off the fence and leant her forearms against the cleared patch. She used to have care of magical creatures classes here. Back in the day. But as she looked out across an open treeless expanse, not an animal was in sight and any revealing tracks had been covered by fresh snow.

It wasn’t snowing now, though the air was thick, the sky pregnant with snow filled clouds. Helmi ran her nose back and forth against the inside of her scarf, huffed out a breath that warmed the material and condensed on her chin. The cold air brought colour and abrasion to her cheeks. She looked over her shoulder, back towards the castle and rubbed her gloved hands together, in agitation, in anticipation, as if reminding the warming charms to do their job.

A harfang owl materialised out of the white, the black specks in its feathering and its yellow eyes the only thing marking it visible until it was upon her. It dropped its note and noiselessly lifted higher and higher back up into the clouds.

Helmi followed it up with her gaze and used the letter to cover her eyes from the blinding glare of sun through snow dense cloud.

She broke the seal and a fracture of red wax fell and embedded in the snow.

“Yes,” the note read. “Expect it on tomorrow’s noon.”


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