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Feb. 1st, 2012 04:42 pm
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H E L M I     A A L T O
Gender & PB: Female. Ayla Kell
Age & Birthday: 17, May first
Nationality: Finnish
Sexuality: Straight
Physical Description: She has calluses on her hands from quidditch training. She is self conscious about this and uses potions to keep them soft.

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Year: Seventh
Path/House: Kveld
Major: quidditch Domestic Potions
Quidditch: Chaser
Pet: A Eurasian Eagle Owl called Axel
Wand: Oak, 8 inches, sturdy, crup hair core. It has a whooper swan engraving coiling around the handle.
Patronus: Whooper swan
Boggart: A forest fire
Erised: Flying in the robes of the Finnish National Quidditch team with the match pulling an all-nighter and the snitch getting lost in the backdrop that the Northern Lights are painting across the sky.

Favourites: quidditch, people as driven as she is, well earned wins, all-night games, views from great heights, night flying when the northern lights are dancing.
Distastes: drama, distractions, rubbish beaters, quidditch injuries, hollow victories, losing over something stupid, wasting time.
Secrets: She's borderline addicted to the dreamless sleep potion. Without it she has nightmares about soviet soldiers and the tinniest click of a door or footstep of a dorm mate will translate into gunfire in her dream and wake her screaming.
Strengths: Quidditch and athleticism. Agility, flexibility & reflexes are her forte.
Weaknesses: Academics. She just doesn't spend the time on it. There are an awful lot of late night cramming sessions to get homework done and keep her grades high enough to not be a colossal disappointment but she's never going to be the top of any classes and it's her goal to just not be in the bottom 5.
Detailed Personality: Helmi is driven, determined, and single mindedly focused on becoming a world class quidditch player. She expects it to happen not out of arrogance but from sheer hard work and self belief. She has put everything she has and is into the pursuit, to the sacrifice of her grades and personal relationships and she genuinely feels that without quidditch she has nothing, is nothing, that there is nothing remotely special about her but her athletic prowess. She takes failure in quidditch very hard and very personally.

Helmi expects excellence from herself and the best from anyone around her who has any influence over her athletic performance. She can come across as uptight, demanding, controlling and her disinclination to join friends at parties and in their general escapades, preferring to hone her talent through training or running laps, is forever earning her comments to 'lighten up'. She is earnest and honest and respects the talent of others. Rather than becoming jealous of the abilities of others it motivates her to work harder to be the best. She has yet to find the limit to what she is willing to sacrifice to be the best quidditch player she can be.

If you catch her in class or on a rare break from training, Helmi is a fairly down to earth and level headed character. She tries to steer clear of drama and can be dismissive and impatient of teenage trivialities but she is also there for her friends when she thinks they really need her. She is honourable and believes in fair play. Her moral compass has a fairly distinct sense of right and wrong, which can make her seem snooty and uncompromising and grey areas leave her feeling out of depth, lost and highly open to influence.

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