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Helmi Aalto ([personal profile] helmi) wrote2012-02-01 04:10 pm
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Back-tagging: Yes
Thread-hopping: Yes
Time jumping within a thread: If it feels right to you, go for it!
Fourth-walling: No, usually
Concrit: Yes, please
Content comfort levels: Period muggle-world discrimination is going to jar so make sure that's the desired effect. Be classy about it, sparing, specific, deliberate. Pretty okay with bad language and drug references, sex and violence so long as it's not too gratuitous. I'll let you know if anything is bothering me but never feel the need to censor yourself on my account.

Name-dropping: If it's to do with being a quidditch task master go for it! Otherwise drop me a pm but if it feels like something Helmi would do/say then I'll almost certainly say yes.
Ward-hacking & owl interception: Yes, go for it.
Hugs, kisses, manhandling, etc.: Yes, expect varying IC responses.
Injury: Yes, especially in duelling and quidditch. No limits.
Death: Yes, but a death scene with lots of ooc plotting and ic threading.
Legilimency: Yes, but PM me for what she's thinking or keep it super vague and innocuous. She has had occlumency lessons but her skill is not great so go for it.